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Copper bottom


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The Bounty is famous for the mutiny that occur in 1788. The three masts sailed from England to Tahiti to bring back breadfruit trees to the Antilles. They were to be cultivated and supply food for the slaves. After a 10 months voyage and a wait of 6 months in the south pacific paradise, captain Blight had all the difficulty to motivate his crew to harvest and load the breadfruit trees on the Bounty for the return trip In the morning of the april 18 the infamous mutiny took place. The captain and 18 loyal members of the crew were abandoned adrift on a skiff with minimal food and water. They reached Timor island after 42 days at sea, 3400nm.from French Polynesia. The mutinous crew found a safe hiding on the island of Pitcairn and unloaded the cargo before setting fire to the Bounty. Captain Blight was promoted colonial governor and vice-admiral.