HMS Victory


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                                                                                     HMS Victory (1765)

Victory was a 5 deck, three masts ship of the line capable of carrying 350 crew members and 104 canons aligned over 3 decks. Designed by Sir Thomas Slade, she took 6 years to build and was launched on the 7th May 1765 after which she was at anchor for the next 13 years. The HMS Victory served successfully under Admiral John Jervis at the battle of Cap St-Vincent (1797) in the Mediterranean Sea. Two years later, she returned to Chatham for a major refit and given her the present-day appearance. During the Battle of Trafalgar she was the flagship of the English fleet under the command of Admiral Nelson. The HMS Victory undertook combat with two French warships, the Bucentaure and the Redoutable led by Admiral Villeneuve. This battle decided the fate of Napoleonic Europe. Admiral Nelson was fatally wounded as he was in the final moments of this decisive battle won by the English fleet.