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Velsheda was a class J sailing vessel designed by Charles Ernest Nicholson and was built in 1933 by Camper and Nicholsons in Gosport, Hampshire (United Kingdom).Extreme like all the class J, it measures 39,40 meters overall for a Master-beam of 6,60 meters, a draught of 4,80 meters. It was built for the businessman William Stephenson-Laurent, owner of the chain of shops Woolworth’ S which thus named it by contracting the first three syllables of the first names of his/her daughters: Velma, Sheila and Daphne. Between 1933 and 1936, it gained many races and took part, with other large yachts such as Britannia, Endeavour and Shamrock V, with many regattas between 1933 and 1936