Bluenose II


Product size: 24″ plus bowsprit.

Product Description

Bluenose II

 Canada’s 150th special edition…….Only 20 units were made.

Early in the 20th century, a friendly rivalry existed between the schooners of  the fishing fleets of the Maritime Provinces and the New England states. In 1920, Halifax Herald owner decided to fuel the competition by establishing an official racing series known as the International Fisherman’s Trophy.

After their defeat to Esperanto, Nova Scotia government commissioned Halifax’s naval architect William J. Roué to design a new schooner to compete for the Trophy the next year. The Bluenose was built in Lunenberg at Smith & Rhuland Shipyard and launched March 26, 1921.

On that same year, Bluenose defeated Elsie and won the next 17 races in a row…she was never defeated. After some years of uncertainty, she was sold to the West Indian Trading Company in 1942 and after 4 years in carrying freight in the Caribbean she sank on January 28, 1946 over a Haitian reef. Bluenose II was built in early 60’s using the same plans in the same shipyard and was launched July 24, 1963. The top speed logged under sail is 16 knots. The overall length is 188 feet and wears 11,139 sq. ft of sails. Bluenose II is operated 6 months a year by the Lunenberg Marine Museum Society.