Marie Clarisse


60 cm long

Product Description


The schooner Marie Clarisse was designed and built by

James Harding in Shelburne, Nova Scotia in the year

  1. She was born Archie-F-MacKenzie and was used

for transporting miscellaneous goods between Nova

Scotia and NewFoundland until 1968. A sleek hull and a

deep draft made her a competent merchant ship. She sank

in the port of Quebec City in 1970. In 1978 she was

classified as a patrimonial artefact and later restored

trough different ownerships. Now she is used for tourist trips on the St-Lawrence River during the summer.


                        Largeur-Beam: 6,52 m.

Tirant d’eau-Draught: 2,99 m.

Jauge-Displacement: 11,99T.

Longueur hors-tout -L.O.A.: 25,60 m