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Sovereign of the seas


24” length x 26”

The model I have in stock has more golden details at the stern.


Product Description

She was the most extravagantly decorated warship in the Royal Navy. Built in 1637, Sovereign construction costs helped fuel the financial crisis for Charles 1 that contributed to the English Civil War. It became Admiral Robert Blake flagship during the United Provinces and French Wars. Fast and safe sailing capabilities ‘’The Golden Devil’’ named by the Dutch was retaken from the enemy every time and remained in service for nearly 60 years as the best ship in the English flee, no enemy could sink her. She took part in the battles of Beachy Head and La Hougue when she was more than 50 years old. Her destiny was not so glorious. In the port of Chatham, a cook left a candle burning in his quarters that fell over and set ablaze the entire ship within minutes down to the water line.