La Toison d’or


Product size: L 60 cm.

Product Description

On that day, Captain Haddock received a letter in Istanbul. She informed him of the death of one of her friends, a man named Thémistocle Paparanic, and told him that he had donated a boat called La Toison d’Or.

With Tintin, Haddock leaves for Istanbul from where he intends to sail back to France. When he sees the boat for the first time, Haddock is very disappointed. Instead of the beautiful ship he imagined, he discovers an old rafiot that does not pay for a mine. But very quickly, surprising offers of redemption will be made;strangely high offers for what appears to be the boat.

It is said that Paparanic had made a fortune at the Tetaragua. The Golden Fleece would hide clues that would lead to any treasure…
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