France II

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                                                France II (1913)

France II was one of the first commercial ship to accommodate up to 7 passengers for a worldwide cruise. She transported nickel from New Caledonia to France. France II was an astonishing vessel for its time. She had 2 diesel engines, one dynamo to provide electricity, refrigeration and power for the auto-pilot. In 1922, on calm night, she was carried away by a gentle swell onto Ouano reefs surrounding the islands. They could not use their engines to escape the threat because they were removed  in 1919  having been considered useless by the new owners. In 1944, American bombers destroyed the wreck signalling the death of the greatest tall ship ever built.

L.O.A.: 150 m.

Beam: 16, 90 m.

Sail area: 6,350m2