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                                                                        Empress of Ireland (1906)

On its first time as captain, Henry George Kendall and Empress off Ireland enters in collision with the Norwegian bulk carrier Storstad and sank in 14 minutes in the night of the 14 at April 15, 1912 close to Rimouski on the St. Lawrence. 1,012 passengers and members of crew perish in the tragedy.Launched on January 26, 1906, the Empress of Ireland measured 570 feet (174m) in length with a beam of 66 feet (20.1m) and gross tonnage of 14,191 tons. Her service speed was 18 knots (33km-h). She had 2 propellers and a capacity of 1,580 passengers and crew. The vessel, along with her sister ship Empress of Britain, was commissioned by Canadian Pacific Line for the Northern Trans-Atlantic

Route between Quebec, Canada and the United Kingdom.