Colin Archer

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Product size: 29″ x 27″ x 7″


Product Description

The Colin Archer (SR1) was the first rescue boat built in 1893 ordered by the Norwegian Society for Shipwreck Salvage. Colin Archer, a naval architect, had a Scottish origin after his parents immigrate to Norway in 1825. The SR1 was and is still a sturdy and safe sailing boat. He introduced the ballast keel to it’s double enders which became superior to his competitors. This 12 meter long boat could stand gale force wind safely. The last RS1 he built in 1930 was sailed until 1965. This first hull was found in America in poor condition and returned to Norway and is now part of the National Naval Heritage. Colin Archer inspired many younger sailboats builders with this full keel design that is still popular among circumnavigators.